Genius Editing Tutorial in ACR (Adobe Camera Raw)

Hot off the press: Craig Blacklock provides a genius tutorial on how to edit an image in Adobe Camera Raw. If you are not using this technique (which is non-destructive, adds almost no size/weight to the file, and has phenomenal capabilities) – you should be after watching this.

This method has completely changed the way I edit an image (it’s the only method I use now). Keep in mind you need at least version 6 of Photoshop/Camera Raw to use the features listed. Enjoy!

If you would like to learn from Craig Blacklock in person, join us on our upcoming Dynamic Nude Workshop at Lake Powell, Utah. This only scratches the surface of the advanced techniques we cover, plus you’ll get to work in some of the most beautiful locations on earth (photographing some of the most beautiful people on earth):

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How to find and work with top fine art models

Each year, our Dynamic Nude Workshops fill up quickly – and this is for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the caliber of fine art nude models that we bring on each trip. If you’ve spent enough time working as a photographer with models – you know how challenging it can be to find an individual that has creative passion, poses naturally in front of a camera, and is so photogenic – it’s hard to take a bad photo of them.

These are the kinds of models we spend months looking for each year – so that we can provide our workshop attendees with muses and creative collaborators that will exceed their expectations.

In the past few years, we’ve found a community online that makes it MUCH easier to find talented models – and I wanted to share that with you in case you also spend a fair amount of time looking for individuals to photograph.

Model Society is a community of some of the best contemporary artists on the planet – not just models, but photographers as well. If you aren’t familiar with it, and you look for models to collaborate with on a regular basis – I highly recommend it, as the people there are all professionals (no need to spend hours wading through endless lists of people that don’t fit what you are looking for).

To give you some idea of the caliber of people – here are a few of the Model Society Models that will be joining us this fall:

Anastasia by Craig Blacklock

Shaun Tia by JMAC

Mila by Edward Holland

Sekaa by Andrew Kaiser

And if you would like to opportunity to work one on one with FIVE top art nude models like these – we invite you to come and experience a photographic adventure that will not only advance your photography to a whole new level – but will be one of the most productive and awe-inspiring experiences of your lifetime. We hope to see you at the lake:

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Scouting Photography Workshop Locations on the Canary Island of Lanzarote

Each year I try to find new places to hold a photography workshop – one that rivals the vast visual diversity of the Lake Powell landscape. While I can often find places that are compelling and unique to photograph, usually they are spread out over a very large area – making it challenging to get any significant teaching and work done – if you are spending too much time traveling between locations. That’s one of the things I like so much about Lake Powell: It’s unique and compelling, yet once we arrive at our central base camp on the lake for our October workshops – everything can be accessed with a short boat ride and a hike.

My search for new locations took me this December to the volcanic canary island of Lanzarote, off the coast of west africa. My favorite thing about the island – in addition to it’s underground caves, volcanos, and sweeping panoramic views of a beautiful island – was it’s uniquely black beaches, which contrast really well against the tones of the human form and of the ocean waves. Here are a few of the images of what we found.

“The Pearl of Great Price”

Do you have any suggestions for unique places to take photographers to? The only place I have yet to visit that seems to hold enough visual interest (though I’m not sure if there are enough locations close together..?) is the Southern Coast of Australia. Drop us a note if you have any suggestions. :)

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Photographs from Week 3 of The Dynamic Nude Workshop at Lake Powell, Utah

Our third and final week of The Dynamic Nude workshop was nothing short of spectacular. We had attendees from all over the United States, Spain, Sweden, Canada and The Netherlands!

We had a week of exciting adventures, more stunning models, and absolutely perfect weather. Looking forward to seeing this family of friends next year for another trip through this magical desert landscape. !!


Lake Powell 2013

































Lake Powell 2013














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Photos from Week 2 of The Dynamic Nude Workshop

After our amazing First Week exploring brand new locations that rivaled (and in some cases exceeded) those on the lake – it was a hard act to follow! Yet getting back on the lake (thanks to the State of Utah) was another exciting adventure! With the lake level (it’s always fluctuating) almost 30 feet lower than previous years – we were able to find new places to explore and photograph that previously had been under water for the past decade. !! Here are a few of the images made during Week 2 of The Dynamic Nude…






























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Week 1 of The Dynamic Nude Workshop 2013


With the government shutdown during our first week’s workshop – we got to improvise and find brand new locations. And what a gold mine of visual stunnery we found!

We’ve been exploring and photographing the nude among Native Rock Art Panels, old miner’s cabins, epic slot canyons and grottos, sand dunes, hidden parts of Goblin Valley, plus all the twisted junipers and stunning rock formations of the Utah Landscape. We’ve enjoyed productive image review sessions and premiere film screenings under the stars each night, and have put together an itinerary that is starting to rival the best of both North AND South Lake Powell (which we do on our spring trip) locations combined! The slot canyons have been phenomenal… two of my new favorites based on all the visual diversity. Here are some images from the locations we’ve worked in the past few days.

We’re back on the lake now – ready for our second workshop – but I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the first week – it was THAT good. !!

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Best of our 2012 Lake Powell Workshops (October 7-13)

We had an AMAZING time at Lake Powell, Utah with our Dynamic Nude Workshops (two seven-day adventures) last fall!

I wanted to share some of the photographs that were made during these adventures in the spectacular southwest United States!

Tish and Yucca. Image © Joel Belmont
Sara and the ruins. Image © David Wagner
Gwen and Sara on a sandstone dome. Image © J Hoyle
One of many beautiful sunsets over Lake Powell. © David Wagner
Every night we enjoyed great camaraderie (and smores) around the camp fire. !! Image © Joel Belmont
A view of our camp under the awesome desert sky. Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont
Taking a refreshing swim in the fabulous lake after an afternoon photography session.
The models enjoyed yoga every morning – and you really can’t find a more serine backdrop. Image © Joel Belmont
A view of one of our magical secluded campsites in the back of a canyon. Image © David Wagner
Image © David Wagner
Image © David Wagner

Image © M Soler-Roig

Image © M Soler-Roig

Image © H Roberts

Image © G Edwards
Image © David Wagner
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © M Soler-Roig
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont
Image © Joel Belmont

Image © M Soler-Roig
If you would like to join us for this amazing adventure – register as soon as you can – as we’re almost sold out for both weeks again this year:

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2013 Lake Powell Workshop Dates Released!

We are about to release our 2013 dates for our Dynamic Workshops at Lake Powell, Utah – and we wanted to give you first access to them.

Last year, both weeks of The Dynamic Nude with Kim Weston quickly sold out, so if you would like to join us for this amazing week-long trip in October – and see what everyone is raving about – check it out here:

We are also excited to announce that Craig Blacklock will be joining us for our Dynamic Landscape Workshop April 21st – 27th! If you aren’t familiar with Craig’s work – he is one of the most distinguished nature photographers in the United States, internationally renowned for his inspiring landscapes, nudes and technical virtuosity. Having worked extensively in the landscapes around Lake Superior – the largest lake in the world – he is a natural fit to join us on our explorations of the vast aquatic and landscape expanses of Lake Powell!

The Dynamic Landscape is one of my favorite trips we make all year. We cover over half of Lake Powell (southern Utah and Northern Arizona) over the course of a week – hiking to spectacular locations, like Rainbow Bridge National Monument – the world’s largest natural arch; Labyrinth Slot Canyon (where you’ll have the canyon all to yourself – unlike its nearby over-photographed cousin – antelope canyon); “Three Roof” anasazi ruins (dating to the 1200’s); and a secret location of boulders covered in rare petroglyphs – known informally as the “Navajo Art Gallery”! And this only scratches the surface of what we get to explore with our cameras.

If you would like to join Craig and I in April for an amazing week spent in some of the most amazing locations in North America – check out the info here:

I hope you can get in on one of these amazing trips this year – to experience the photographic adventure of a lifetime – while we help you take your photography to the next level.


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Brand New Video for our Dynamic Landscape Workshop

We just released a brand new video showing never before seen footage of our Dynamic Landscape Photography Workshop at Lake Powell, Utah.
See slot canyons, Cathedral in the Desert, timelapses of the desert night sky and more! Enjoy.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime, in May, 2012 at Lake Powell:

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Allen Birnbach joins us for The Dynamic Landscape in May!

We are excited to announce that Allen Birnbach – an outstanding photographer and photographic instructor will join us for The Dynamic Landscape Workshop in May at Lake Powell, Utah! Allen has taught at Santa Fe Workshops, Julia Dean Workshops, Anderson Ranch, UCLA Extension, Working with Artists, and leads private workshops in Iceland and here in the US.


Allen Birnbach is a master of the trade, and will help photographers of any level dramatically improve their images – whether it’s learning how to better use your camera’s features, improving composition and training your eye to ‘see’ an image, dealing with technical challenges of natural light, or insider post-production ‘tweaks’ that will make your print jump off the wall. His wealth of knowledge, experience, and his friendly demeanor is a huge asset for any photographer attending this workshop.


Allen has worked both as a commercial and fine art photographer for over thirty years. His commercial assignments for advertising and corporate clients has taken him to over twenty countries around the world. His photographs have been recognized in The New York Art Director’s Club One Show, The ARC Annual Report competitions, Print Magazine, Communication Arts Magazine, Photo Design Magazine, Photomethods, and Photo District News.


Allen’s personal work has been exhibited in galleries internationally, and can be found in numerous individual and corporate collections in the U.S. and abroad. Most recently, one of his images was included in the book, “The World’s Greatest Black and White Photography.”
I hope you are able to join us in May as Allen and Joel Belmont take you deep into the hidden secrets and grand landscapes of south Lake Powell – stretching from Southern Utah to into Northern Arizona. If you are thinking of attending this photographic adventure of a lifetime, make sure to register ASAP – as our limited number of available spots are going fast!

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