Our unique photography workshops give you unparalleled access to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. You’ll be guided deep into the secret gems of the southwest landscape: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, also known as Lake Powell.

Over the course of the Seven Day Workshop, we’ll travel by boat and foot, camp on pristine beaches in spectacular locations, and we’ll explore some of the most remote and beautiful canyons on the lake. Whether it’s winding your way up the the sculpted slot in Labyrinth Canyon (one of the best and rarely accessed slot canyons in the southwest), photographing towering Buttes from the middle of Padre Bay, experiencing Rainbow Bridge – the largest natural arch in the world, making images of the pale human form poised among massive slabs of red navajo sandstone, exploring elaborate anasazi ruins from the 1200’s, photographing fossilized dinosaur tracks, or capturing a stunning shot of the milky way reflected in this massive desert lake – this trip is an unforgettable opportunity to learn from world-class instructors while experiencing and exploring a truly magical landscape.

Come join us – and experience the photographic adventure of a lifetime.