Joel Belmont

Joel Belmont is the lead instructor of all our workshops.

Having made dozens of landscape and figure photography trips through places like Lake Powell since 2007, and having explored and hiked much of the best terrain in our workshop locations, Joel has packed these workshops with the best and most photogenic locations available.

After receiving a BA in Photography from Principia College, he’s spent over 22 years working in, teaching, exhibiting and curating fine art photography.

Canyon Figure Nude Photography Workshop
joel belmont nude photo tour
Joel Belmont

Working in both digital formats and large format film (4×5 inch negatives), his focus is on both the landscape and the human form. In addition to focusing on the obvious and compelling aesthetic of the Lake Powell landscape, lectures and attention will be devoted to finding more meaning in the images we make – helping you to realize your particular voice and strengths, and reinforcing them. He will present demonstrations on more unique photographic techniques, such as Light Painting, storytelling, visual symbolism and astro photography.

He currently lives in Rochester, WA with his wife Lili (an accomplished German painter) and three children, and works routinely on new projects domestically and internationally.

Craig Blacklock

Craig Blacklock by Joel Belmont
Craig Blacklock by Jill James

Craig Blacklock is featured in our Dynamic Nude Masterclass

Craig is one of the most distinguished nature photographers in the United States, internationally renowned for his inspiring landscapes, nudes and technical virtuosity. Having worked extensively in the landscapes around Lake Superior – the largest lake in the world – he is a natural fit to join us on our explorations of the vast aquatic and landscape expanses of Lake Powell!


Photographer/author of seventeen books, Craig is regularly featured in photography magazines such as American Photo, Fine Art Photo and Outdoor Photographer. His original prints are in the museums, private collections, and health care facilities throughout the U.S. Craig’s background in over 30 years of working in large format, shows in his digital images, with precise, exquisite compositions and hyper-real clarity. Craig has taught photography workshops since 1982, providing guidance in capture, editing and printing.

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