The Dynamic Nude

Lake Powell, Utah – $8950

September 10 – 18, 2021 (only 1 spot remains)

September 19 – 27, 2021 (only 2 spots remain)

The Dynamic Nude is an amazing 8-day adventure into the beautiful mix of sculpted red sandstone, deep blue waters, anasazi ruins and immense rock formations that is Lake Powell. We’ll work with the figure against these backdrops, both on the large scale of the grand landscape, and the more intimate landscape of the slot canyons, where the curves of the canyon walls resonate with the lines of the human form. Working one on one with Joel Belmont – you’ll rapidly advance your capabilities – and learn the shortcuts to collaborating with models for creative success. This is a special workshop for only 2 photographers, giving you unparalleled opportunities to learn, create and truly excel. You’ll also have a 1:1 ratio for working with a model, so you always have someone to work with one on one! Learn more about this spectacular and deeply transformational experience HERE.

The Epic Nude

Olympic Peninsula, WA – $4895

nude photography workshop olympic national park WA

The Epic Nude is a spectacular 5-day immersion into one of the most diverse landscapes in the world – the Olympic Peninsula! You’ll get the opportunity to craft true works of art – as we pair the human form with magical and iconic landscapes, such as old-growth rain forests; magnificent beaches with windswept cedars on monolithic rock formations and caches of elegant driftwood; pristine waterfalls cascading through moss and fern-filled forests, and more! If you are a landscape photographer – the scenic opportunities alone are fantastic! We limit this workshop to only 6 photographers, with a 2:1 ratio of photographers to models – giving you excellent access to create images! You’ll also get to learn in both a group and one on one format from Joel Belmont, who takes you through assignments and lessons each day that will help you rapidly accelerate your capabilities, and create deeply satisfying works of art.  Learn more about this one of a kind creative intensive HERE.

The Transformative Nude

Rochester, WA – $1997

October 22 – 24, 2021 (only 3 spots remain)

October 29 – 31, 2021 (only 2 spots remain)

nude studio figure workshop

The Transformative Nude is a 3-day studio workshop at the personal studio of Joel Belmont! We’ll cover the common bases of dynamic lighting and getting the most out of your camera – but we’ll also explore how to transform ordinary snapshots of the nude – into compelling works of art that separate your work from the masses. It’s not about replicating what’s in front of the camera – but creating your own new visual reality! We limit this workshop to only 6 photographers, with a 3:1 ratio of photographers to models – giving you excellent access to craft truly unique photographs! You’ll also get personalized one on one instruction from Joel, to help you accelerate your work to the next level.  Learn more HERE.

The Dynamic Nude Masterclass

only $197 (sale ends soon!)

With over 32 Video Lessons, Dynamic Presentations, and 8 Groundbreaking Assignments, this is the most comprehensive and transformative instruction available anywhere for creating powerful and compelling artistic nude photographs.  You can immerse yourself in our flagship Dynamic Nude Workshop Curriculum in this hybrid workshop, at a 95% discount off tuition – and work through this transformational process from the comfort of your own home!

We spent over $100,000 and worked for over four years to replicate this experience as closely as possible – so anyone could afford to truly elevate their work in inspiring new directions!  Joel Belmont and Craig Blacklock teach you the shortcut to creative success, as they show you every aspect of crafting stunning fine art nude photographs – from the basics of camera settings, composition, and what to look for in the landscape – to advanced technical tutorials that will make your images stand apart from the crowd, how to communicate and collaborate with models, and best of all: how to shift from the common snapshot – to a compelling visual narrative with iconic imagery.  Learn more HERE.

**Our workshops are extremely limited and often sell out quickly.  If you would like to join us for a creative intensive retreat, or secure your copy of our transformational Master Class – don’t delay**