Lake Powell Slot Canyons

Lake Powell has amazing Corkscrew Slot Canyons... you have to see them to believe it.

Lake Powell Slot Canyons are one of the best-kept secrets of the southwest landscape!  Imagine hiking a canyon that’s only 3-4 feet wide, hundreds of feet tall, and is beautifully sculpted by tens of thousands of years of erosion.

Lake Powell slot canyons can go on for miles, with a new and beautiful view around every single corner.  A warning to those with a camera: you may run out of film/memory.  !!

These particular Lake Powell slot canyons are found in Labyrinth Canyon and lower Antelope Canyon (upper antelope canyon is probably the most photographed slot canyon in the world).  As part of our May Landscape Photography Workshop, we travel to the canyons that no one else gets to see, and where you’ll be free to make images unencumbered by tourists.

Labyrinth Canyon has always been my favorite slot… you can tell why from some of these images…

Soft light makes for excellent slot canyon photography

The unique feature in lower Antelope Canyon is where water has carved a hole though the rock over thousands of years.

Placing people in your slot canyon images can help emphasize the impressive scale of the canyons.Because Lake Powell slot canyons are so amazing, and are so visually intense, we often devote an entire day of our Landscape Workshop itinerary to exploring and photographing these magnificent and unique geologic features.  And while it’s true that the main potential hazard in any slot canyon is from flash floods, the monsoon season isn’t until June and July, plus we always check the weather ahead of time via a real-time satellite weather device to confirm that there is no inclimate weather anywhere nearby while we’re hiking.  The only thing you’ll have to worry about is whether or not you brought enough batteries and memory cards.  !!

One of the most beautiful things about Lake Powell Slot Canyons is the quality of light, as it bounces around the walls, making its way deep into the canyon, creating beautiful purples, reds, and yellows.

Joel Belmont spends a lot of time exploring the landscape so you get to experience the best of the best!

A classic example of a magnificent slot canyon.

Lili Belmont explores the lower section of the Antelope Canyon Slot

The soft glow of afternoon light is seen through the recesses of a Lake Powell Slot Canyon

A sculpted masterpiece, tens of thousands of years in the making.

Joel Belmont admires some of nature's most breathtaking work.

If you would like to explore Lake Powell Slot Canyons for yourself, fill out an application for our upcoming May Photography Workshop.  But get it filled out and turned in ASAP, as we only have a few spots left on this amazing trip through the southwest landscape.  !!

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