Hole In The Rock Hike

Hole in the Rock is one of the hikes we do during our May Landscape Photography Workshop at Lake Powell, and the history of the hike is as interesting as it is visually.  !!

Hole in the rock trail was made famous by a mormon expedition in 1880 that used this steep 1200 ft. (400m) descent (with slopes up to 45°!) as a shortcut to their destination.  They moved 250 people, 83 full sized wagons,  and over 1000 head of cattle!  You really have to hike this to appreciate the gravity (pun intended) of this undertaking.  After spending months blasting areas and hand chiseling anchor points into the sandstone, they used ropes, men and oxen to lower their entire party (also using wooden tracks supported by posts drilled into the sandstone).  You can see in some of the photos above the original anchor holes, as well as stairs that miners later cut into the rock.


Hole in the rock is impressive, and offers a beautiful view of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area from the top, yet it’s only one tiny point of interest during our week long trip through some truly amazing locations.

Sign up (while you still can) for our May workshop, and you can hike this amazing trail yourself.


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